GlinTech is a leading engineering and production services provider.

For over a decade, we have been providing our customers in a wide range of industry comprehensive turnkey solutions from the design stage to mass production for a variety of electronic components and products.

Throughout the production chain, you will have an interdisciplinary professional team at your disposal throughout the entire development process, armed with an unconditional commitment to excellence.

Exercising the turnkey principle to the end

Your solution will go through a long and arduous journey before its implementation. To lead in this intensifying competition, it is important that every factor in your project devotes considerable efforts and strives for excellence at every stage of the production chain.

This is precisely the vision behind GlinTech. Over the years we have fulfilled this ideal project after project and provided tech visionaries with a comprehensive ecosystem that allows them to enjoy uncompromising excellence throughout their production chain – from advanced planning processes, through leading project management and R&D teams from Prototyping scaling up to mass product preparations.

Loyal partners to your vision

We at GlinTech believe that your project deserves to be outlined at the most accurate manner to your vision and aspirations.

We are thrilled to confront head on with complex challenges. This passion is the back wind that allows us to take your wildest ideas from the theory stage to the finalized product.

With professional teams from all the areas of planning, research, development, design, and production experts, we consider ourselves as partners in your success.

Professional solution for a wide range of industries

From home appliances to security and defense industries, we have the knowledge, skill, tools, and staff required to accompany you throughout the process.

Under one roof, you have engineering solutions for a variety of fields and worlds of technology – from mechanics and product design to electronic boards for any electronic device.

Our mission

With a constant pursuit of innovation and meeting the highest standards, we are in a constant learning process and are working hard to implement the most innovative practices in the world of technology in your projects.
Our ability to stay up to date at all times is your guarantee for solutions that not only stand the race of innovation but set its pace.

We are here to develop solutions that will lead your industry towards its next goals and enable you to lead this trend. Together, we are marching with you toward a smarter future, enabling all of humanity to benefit more than ever before from the technology at its disposal.

Join our journey – share our vision

As the values ​​of integrity, reliability and full transparency lead us to through every landmark along the way, we proudly step into the future and invite you to take part in this wonderful journey.
We maintain an open communication channel with all our clients at all times and lead their projects while thinking together and deeply understanding their needs, values, ​​and vision.

“Impossible” does not exist in out vocabulary. Now, this is your chance to say farewell forever to compromises and forge a deep and courageous friendship with professionals who will not shy away from any challenge or difficulty until your dream comes true.

Want to learn more about all the benefits that partnering with us will bring to your organization? We invite you to leave your details on our website today and we will get back to you soon.