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System Analysis
Quality Management
Electronic Design
Prototyping and Production
Software Design

Project Management

Your project’s success largely depends on your ability to follow closely, manage efficiently and professionally navigate all the processes required to achieve your business and engineering goals in all aspects. Therefore, advanced project management methods and skills are among the most significant aspects in any development and production process.

Manage your project with a leading team of professionals

GlinTech provides you with highly skilled leaders who bring along with them many years of proven experience in project management in a variety of industry and in-depth and multidisciplinary engineering knowledge that allows them to adopt synergistic and multidisciplinary mindset throughout your project and lead it to success.

Expand your reach

Together, we will set the goals of your project, identify all the challenges and limitations on the way to its fulfillment and act on all levels to ensure that throughout your electronic product development process, your project will be entrusted to the most reliable hands.


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System Analysis

The first step in any planning and development process we take on, begins with a deep understanding of your vision.
To truly realize all the requirements of your system and lead your project towards optimal realization, accurate and efficient requirements analysis is cardinal. Together, we will study the capabilities of your existing systems in depth, characterize the requirements that will outline the next system and apply along the way measurement, evaluation, documentation, and testing methods at the highest standards, allowing us to get down to the smallest resolutions.

Striving for excellence with industry-leading standards

Glintech works in accordance with the strictest standards in the industry. Our commitment to provide you with the highest quality solutions and from a multidisciplinary perspective will allow you to minimize risks and enjoy a system that provides an impeccable response to your needs.

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Quality Management

With long years’ experience in the defense industries, MedTech, FinTech and many other complex and sensitive technological industries,
we bring with us professional authority that will allow your project to move forward on a stable and safe path.

Manage your risks with the most rigorous tools

As part of our ongoing journey toward engineering and technological excellence, we implement risk management processes that will allow you to set a new benchmark of success in every process in your organization. We operate in accordance with ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards for risk management and in light of the most stringent guidelines in your industry. This standard of uncompromising excellence, allows you to apply now in your projects.

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Electronic Design

It has never been simpler to design your product quickly and efficiently. GlinTech’s professional team allows you to design your product and evaluate its functionality in all aspects, right from the design stage. With advanced electronic solutions and collaborations with leading electronic design professionals, you have all the tools required to get into your development process with eyes wide open.

A multidisciplinary perspective throughout the process

From the initial concept to the launch, we build around you an engineering and technological ecosystem that dominates all aspects of development and throughout the entire production chain.

End-to-end hardware design

When the team that accompanies you through the cornerstone of your product life cycle is committed to excellence, nothing will stand in your way.
Our team brings with them an unparalleled skill in the field of product design and accompanies you to the stage of prototype construction and preparation for mass production.

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Prototyping and Production

The transition from the design stage to prototyping is one of the most critical points in the production chain. To ensure as smooth and cost-effective a transition as possible from theory to practice, we implement a unique process that includes everything required to produce an accurate prototype of your product and prepare it for mass production in an optimal manner.

First-class technological and engineering knowledge

GlinTech is a professional authority with a proven reputation in PCB design and manufacturing. With meticulous planning processes, checklists designed by leading engineers and a meticulous systematic process, we keep your margin of error to a minimum and allow you to save a fortune in your preparations for mass production.

True to your vision all the way

To ensure that the entire design and manufacturing process reflects your requirements and needs in the most accurate way, we take into account the characterization of your project in all its aspects right from the start, including EMI / EMC requirements and allow you to save valuable time and streamline your project costs. A team of software and hardware staff work together and think together to lead your project boldly and efficiently to the most exciting stage in your production process.


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Software design

Today more than ever, product design and software design are closely intertwined. We at GlinTech work at all levels to ensure that all the required solutions and areas of knowledge will be available at your disposal under one roof.

Extensive collaborations with leading professionals

With a team of developers from a wide range of knowledge areas in the world of software design, your product is surrounded by the ideal professionals at every stage. To ensure we can provide you with turnkey solutions of the highest standards, we have forged partnerships with top-notch developer teams and outsourced teams to help you design the ideal systems for your products.

Dedicated software solutions in every scope

Together, we cover all your software needs for microcontrollers, CPUs, DSPs and all your electronic devices. From basic command units to full command systems, kernels and drivers.


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