Your solution will go through a grueling journey from the moment the idea first comes to mind until your end users start using it. On the way to making the world a better place, your initiative will face many technical challenges.
The professional team that will accompany you throughout the entire production chain is the guarantee for your success. GlinTech is one of the only companies in Israel today that accompanies leading customers from a wide range of technology industries throughout the design, development, and production process.
With first-rate professional knowledge, a great passion for innovation and a deep commitment to your success and prosperity, we are proud to be your new partners on the path to fulfilling your vision.

Comprehensive engineering services throughout the entire production chain

When we say Turnkey, we mean it in the full sense of the word. From the initial characterization of your needs to the moment your product hits the market,
we go with you step by step and provide all the aspects required in electronic manufacturing processes, from prototype creation to mass production and scale.

Manufacturing process to the most stringent standards

We operate at two manufacturing sites in Israel and China while closely monitoring our engineering teams on all aspects and stages of the process.
With industry-leading standards and the most stringent engineering protocols, your components are manufactured under the most professional supervision available today.

All electronics components for all industries

We bring with us many years of experience and in-depth and multidisciplinary knowledge in electronic manufacturing acquired with the support of clients from the defense industries, consumer, industrial, MedTech and the military industries. The process includes all aspects of production for your electronic solution.

  • Electronics procurement and supply chain
  • PCB manufacturing
  • PCB assembly
  • Construction of assembly protocols
  • Handling of all related electronics
  • Programming services
  • Testing Jigs

Join us from any point and at any stage

Our team can integrate at any point on the production chain and help you significantly streamline the process and manage it to the highest standards.
If you will choose to join forces with us in the product design phase, the GlinTech team will help you ensure Seamless DFM (Design for Manufacturer) as much as possible. However, even if the design process is done by you or by a third party, we perform a full DFM analysis in order to get to know the project as deeply as possible, about all its requirements and challenges and upgrade the production files to our strict industry standard. Our team of engineers will close all the gaps required to implement a cost-effective, efficient and advanced mass production methodology.

How do we do that?

Our production process operates according to the following steps:

  • DFM and production files update – we will study your DFM in depth and build the most efficient infrastructure for making the most of the production process.
  • Ordering components – we will order for you in accordance with the specifications that will be built eBOMss, PCBs and accessories needed for the core assembly
  • Testing and assembly – Our professional team will perform tests according to the highest standards in the industry and perform a lot of all PCBs.
  • The final core assembly
  • Tests and verification

What does it take to get started?

This new path to optimize your project and prepare you for production as soon as possible and for the best, starts with learning your requirements and needs. All you have to do is share your DFM with us and schedule a characterization meeting with us and we will start working to prepare an accurate requirements document for you and plan your project from start to finish according to the budget, production forecasts, quotas and quantities required for you.

To start a partnership that will change everything you know about efficient manufacturing processes, contact us now.